Who’s behind the camera?

Hi!  My name is Jennifer and this is my little family!  Me, my husband Tyler and our daughter Keller and of course our pup Hardy.  This was taken in the fall of 2010..  There aren’t many photos of me on the other side of the camera…  I think that’s just how the cookie crumbles, however, I found one!  I have several of myself and Keller taken on the iPhone, but iPhone-ography wasn’t gonna work on here!  😉

Tyler and I work as a pretty great team, if I must say so myself…  He’s my technology, lighting, computer guru.  I shoot and he puts in a lot of time helping me keep my sanity.  Kidding..  He puts in a lot of time at the editing table making sure your images are just right, backing up the drives, burning discs, etc..  I wouldn’t be able to do all of this without him!

untitled-35a-(ZF-4982-99281-1-001) untitled-159a-(ZF-4982-99281-1-006) untitled-306-(ZF-4982-99281-1-010)


We’re so glad you stopped by!  Come visit again soon!


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